The UAE Federation Library is one of the most important specialized libraries in the region. It provides a set of tools to help researchers produce knowledge, at the local, regional and global levels, through its collections and resources collected over 25 years.

In building its collections and resources, the Library focuses on the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Gulf region in particular, in addition to broader considerations of the Arab region and the world. Its varied resources span political, military, economic, social, legal, and information technology topics and issues, in addition to other fields. These resources are available in both Arabic and English.

Special Collections

This features a collection of old and rare books, British documents and maps. These include a book, in French, on the history of Egypt dating back to 1823. This is in addition to a book describing the East, with a focus on specific countries, dating back to 1743, and a travel book recounting a journey that took place from 1672 to 1681, between India and Persia.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



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